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Based in the foothills of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, Australia, I have always considered myself a spiritual person and an intuitive tarot reader.  I use the cards to determine outcomes based on the energy surrounding you and the path you are currently taking.  I am not a predictive reader.         

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My readings are designed to be empowering and I believe the future is fluid...NOT beyond our control.  We all have free will, and the power to shape our own reality.  I love to help people gain valuable insight by using the tarot and to find the answers they need, so they can mindfully create the future that they want.   

tarot, tarot readings, free readings, past, present, future, psychic, love tarot, compatibility,

Reading tarot has been my passion for over 20 years now and there's not much I haven't seen or heard before. Please be assured all readings are 100% confidential and come completely without judgement or bias. Please understand I will not read on medical or legal matters and I cannot tell you the tattslotto numbers :)