Free Insight Card Reading

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Out of the 78 cards which one will you get?

I am so passionate about the tarot's ability to give you the insight that you're looking for that I really want you to try it for yourself! Click on the button below, fill in a few details, and I can't wait to see which card comes out for you? 

Draw me a card


Q. How much can one card really tell me? 

A. Surprisingly quite a bit actually, but without a full reading you will have to put it into context for yourself. ie. If you get the Strength card I can tell you its meaning and you will know how that applies to you. 

Q. How does the tarot work without me being physically present? 

A. Tarot works by reading someones energy,  picking up on what's important at any given time...

Just by contacting me and asking for a card sets the intention for your insight card.  It never ceases to amaze me!!