Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for your reading. I could sense your warmth and care throughout your entire message. Thank you! I really appreciate it! Your insights have given me positive energy to lift my head and be able to evaluate options with more calm (I am a control “freak” and a worry worm). Thank you again for your inspiration! Warm wishes, Monica 

Dear Michelle,

The reading is nothing short of AMAZING! You have certainly nailed the way I am and what is happening. I get this self doubt going on because things like this just dont happen to me! 

I believe strongly in Tarot and what it can do and you have a wonderful gift of reading. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me! - Lucinda 

Michelle, thanks SO MUCH for the incredible reading. I actually got goosebumps reading it, because it's so accurate and resonated completely.  

Thanks so much for your insight. It is amazing! - Elizabeth

“Thank you very much for your reading, which has given me a lot of thought. You’ve hit your answers from the tarot cards. It has inspired me to continue my struggle for her to have a good life. Without knowing how it feels, it feels like you understand me and my daughter. Now I have more ideas for how to proceed. I think I’m ready to lay the past behind me and focus on the future. I really hope that I will succeed. Your reading has given me the courage to try. Your reading is undoubtedly the best I’ve got”  –  Lene   

Thank you Michelle for my Year Ahead Reading...who would have thought that $55 and a few hours of introspection could be so life changing - Jessie