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Thank you Michelle for my Year Ahead Reading...who would have thought that $55 and a few hours of introspection could be so life changing - Jessie 


Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for your reading. I could sense your warmth and care throughout your entire message. Thank you! I really appreciate it! Your insights have given me positive energy to lift my head and be able to evaluate options with more calm (I am a control “freak” and a worry worm). Thank you again for your inspiration! Warm wishes, Monica 

“Thank you very much for your reading, which has given me a lot of thought. You’ve hit your answers from the tarot cards. It has inspired me to continue my struggle for her to have a good life. Without knowing how it feels, it feels like you understand me and my daughter. Now I have more ideas for how to proceed. I think I’m ready to lay the past behind me and focus on the future. I really hope that I will succeed. Your reading has given me the courage to try. Your reading is undoubtedly the best I’ve got”  –  Lene   


Fantastic reading! Thank you. It’s great to get another perspective and it has given me comfort to know he still feels the same way about me even though we have been apart for so long.  So glad I asked, it was way more positive than I was expecting! Cheers Tanya