Year Ahead Reading, example below

This online email reading is a sneak peak into your year ahead and it tells you so much about where you are headed and what you are likely to come up against over the next 12 months.  So useful to look back over and refer to as the year progresses, with cards to represent love, career, finances, obstacles, opportunities, path forward and more! Use this reading as your guide to the upcoming year :)


Year Ahead Reading

Example reading...

This is a small  abbreviated excerpt from a reading I did recently so that you can see what the Year Ahead Reading  covered for this gorgeous lady (printed with full permission of course)


1. Previous Year: Strength – You’ve had to draw on your will power and inner strength over the last 12 months to overcome some great difficulties.  

2. Lessons Learnt: 8 of Pentacles – You've learnt the importance of repetition.  Even the things you didn't love doing got done much easier the more you did them.    

3. Love and Relationships in 2019: Queen of Swords – Loved ones have a tendency to be bit cold and distant over the next year. Be careful you are not overlooking them when you are in work mode.  

4. Career/Study in 2019: Ace of Pentacles – An offer of a new business opportunity will present itself to you. 

5. Home/Finances in 2019: Page of Pentacles –  Time at home will be well spent if you learn a new business skill. You wont go without, but it's best if you are careful with your finances.    

6. Wellbeing in 2019: Four of Cups – You might find yourself somewhat dissatisfied and yearning for something that you don’t have. 

7/8/9. 3mnths/6mnths/12mnths: The Chariot/The Tower/Knight of Pentacles – You start the year extremely determined to get ahead but please be careful of burning the candle at both ends. Around mid year something will happen that will make you stop in your tracks and reassess your priorities. By the end of the year you will be making great progress but this time in a more reliable and practical way.  

10. Opportunities: 6 of Swords – An opportunity for escape will present itself to you. This will be a welcome break for you but be careful you are doing it for the right reasons and not just running away from your responsibilities.     

11. Challenges: Wheel of Fortune -  The changeability of your circumstances worry you because you never know what to expect next.  Try and ride with the challenges as they come, one by one, and it will be easier. 

12. Path Forward or Focus Card for 2019:  Queen of Pentacles –  This is a woman who is financially secure and who loves and appreciates the finer and more beautiful things in life.  I think the message in this card  for you is to aim towards enjoying your successes, not always pushing yourself forward to achieve more and more.  Stop and smell the roses as they say.